About Us

The First Look Bd.Ltd. is a symbol of efficiency, liability, experience and innovative ideas. We produce high quality Elastics, Twill Tape, Woven Belt, Pu Belt, Drawstring & Draw card, Jacquard Elastic, Woven Elastic, Lace, Woven label & printed label, Sewing thread, Polyester Yearn Dyeing, Cotton Yearn Dyeing, Mattel Buckle, Alloy Button, Sherpa Fabrics, Taffeta Fabrics (imported) Padding & Cool-ding etc. Our products are trust worthy, hence we always maintain customers testing requirement before the bulk production.We always emphasize on the comfort of our customers. As we are aware most of our products are used in kind & child garments.

We plan our production according to the market demand and can produce any quality provide by the buyer with the sufficient machine capacity. We maintain strict per caution to maintaining quality and produce them with zero defect efficiency.

The raw materials we use are of A-grade & certified imported from abroad (china, Taiwan, Thailand & Malaysia) and there fore excellent in quality. About color we can ensure you 100% yarn dyed with out harmful reagent and objects.

Factory Employee (Employment Generation):105 persons.

Employee Safety, health & Hygienic System:

1. Free medical service.
2. A available first aid box with medicine.
3. Enough fire extinguisher.
4. Healthy toilets and urinals.
5. Washing facilities etc.

 The First Look Bd.Ltd. Ensure  you can get the product high quality, productivity, shads, strength, length & color etc.