Quality Assurance

Raw Materials:

We have strong sourer for raw materials   both   in local & foreign. We always ensure quality &   standard raw materials and select the apt ray from our wide our wide range of collection for starting the sampling process & later the same for bulk after approval.


We create  designs  according to our client’s specification that they provide us sketch or idea sometimes physical .we research on basis and create the very best, imitate  the original . 

Sample Development:

 Lt  is the key point of our  starting  business relationship. We take 3-7 days for and complete sample development .we provide our buyer’s free  of cost samples and confirm right quality & quantity at right  time .we ensure that samples are made  according to the client’s specification, as color , as shade etc. we also recreate and modify if needed  for buyer’s styling & cost purpose.

Quality Control:

Quality control covers all the work of controlling efficiency for the purpose of guarantying the  required quality of the buyers and in order to optimize the cost involvement of all the process needed to manufacture the product. It covers the stages starting with procurement of quality yarn, dyes, and chemicals. And laboratory testing for color, shades, color fastness, process control, inspection and ending with delivery.  

We have well trained, skilled & experienced teams who our products different  and helps to keep our commitment .By machinery process and our  personal effort we asset up for sample  testing to prepare our products for manufacturing  & by turns to the final delivery.